Commercial Photography with iPhone: 7 Amazing Tips To Make It Possible

Commercial Photography Studio setup

Commercial Photography is a field with high competition but due to the rapid growth of Digital advertising the demand for Commercial photographers has skyrocketed. 

You might have seen digital ads of photographers stating their services, speciality and ways to contact them for any kind of shoot. This is how commercial photography works and it is simply a term given to the way you change your passion of photography to your profession. 

Commercial Photography is widely talked about but there might be confusion about what it exactly is to those who are new to the world of photography.

Commercial simply refers to sales, business or the way of making making and commercial photography also carries the same meaning; earning via photography by capturing high quality images that could be used for commercial purpose.

Is Commercial Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, Commercial Photography is undoubtedly possible with the newer and advanced iPhones.

The iPhones from past 3-4 years are highly camera centric and are packed with advances camera sensor and highly refined camera processing software. 

And always one should remember that gears surely step up your game but they are not the most concerned thing in photography as it is all about your skill and the way of representation.

How can you make Commercial Photography Possible just using iPhone?

Commercial photography is the most loved genre of photography because who does not want to be paid for doing what they love to do.

If anyone is being paid for following their passion then that will be the best thing in the world. Commercial Photography is mostly about shooting products or models with the intention of selling product or any kind of services.

You should be professional and highly sincere for commercial photography because there will be expectations from you and majority of the act of attracting customers is depended on you.

So there are few technical ideas and tips about how you can improvise commercially on photography is discussed below in detail.

iphone photography

Product Photography with iPhone

Product photography is a genre of photography in which is related to capturing images mainly of product and some services too.

It is essential for online as well as offline advertisement of products in websites, billboards, catalogues and many more to sell your products directly to the customers.

Product photoshoot is mostly done indoor in studio with solid backdrop for online use and needs proper amount of lighting. Some of the techniques and preparation for product photography is given below.

2. Backdrop: Generally solid color backdrop is required for product photography and for this purpose either you can buy proper professional backdrop or you can also use chart paper of various colour is your subject is small enough to fit.

The actual idea of using backdrop is to make contrast between the background and the product.

backdrop for commercial photography

2. Lighting: For the lighting purpose your iPhone flash will work fine if there is enough amount of natural lighting but the natural lighting is not always proper and enough. In this case you must use external flash and Godax A1 Smartphone Flash will be the perfect one if you are looking for a flash to use with your iPhone.

Godox A1 Mini Smartphone Flash

3. Light Box: Light box is a cubical box having sides of glass or plastic containing enough electrical lights to illuminate the box properly to create a well lit studio look.

Light box will best for product photography because you do not need any external lighting source and backdrop. It is all in on setup.

But you can only fit small items in the light box so it will not be good for larger products.

Light box product photography

4. Tripod: Unless you are shooting in a perfectly illuminated studio or setup, using a tripod is must while shooting products.
Using a tripod stabilizes the shot reducing motion blur. Using a tripod helps capturing sharp and shake free product images. 

You can checkout Best Tripod For iPhone if you are willing to buy a new one and searching for the best tripod to compliment your iPhone camera

GripTight PRO Video GorillaPod Stand

Food Photography with iPhone

Food photography with iphone

Food photography is a genre of photography used to create attractive photographs of food items. 

This might remind you of people who click their meals and post on instagram but this genre can be great to step up for commercial photography. There is high demand of food photographers in restaurants for editorial restaurant shot or for advertisement in their website, instagram or facebook.

You must be quick enough to setup your lighting and composition to get the perfect shot that makes the food look great yet natural.

Nature Photography with iPhone

People might not consider Nature Photography as Commercial photography but capturing images for national parks or any kind of travel agency with the purpose of advertisement so that you can attract tourist will pay you good.

You can also work for the Tourism Board of your country to advertise amazing places and natural scenery to inform and attract tourists to your nation.

To learn more about nature photography with iPhone Photography Blog’s post about Nature Photography With iPhone.

There are no any specific boundaries for commercial photography. Every genre of photography can be commercialised and you can earn from any genre of photography directly or indirectly. Your iPhone is a great device to start up with photography for earning.

Make sure you are following the right steps and should be always open to learn more tips, ideas and techniques. 

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