iPhone SE Camera 2020: The Truth Will Blow Your Mind

The recently launched iPhone SE is a squeal of Apple’s 2016 super successful iPhone of the same name. The iPhone SE 2020 is an amazing device with outstanding features inspired and borrowed from highly appreciated iPhone 11.

It is one of the best gadget in the $400 category delivering very fast performance and very good iPhone SE camera in a compact design.

iphone SE 2020 in 3 colours

Why is the iPhone SE 2020 cheap?

The iPhone SE 2020 is the cheapest iPhone ever as it costs $399 for 64GB variant. The iPhone SE 2016 was also released at the same price but it was for 16GB variant back then.

It is the iPhone SE 2020 uses the same design from its elder brother, iPhone 8 which is nearly  3 years old and this lets the company to save some budget on the form factor. 

Is iPhone SE 2020 worth buying for its camera?



iphone SE Camera 2020

iPhone SE Camera For Photography:

The iPhone SE Camera uses the same sensor from the 2018 iPhone XR but it has the chipset and the power of newer 2019 iPhone 11. The skin tone and the exposure looks similar to that of iPhone 11 in a well lit environment.

Even though the new iPhone SE Camera consists only one camera it is capable of capturing photos in portrait mode using the facial recognition system. But it is not possible to capture photos of any other objects because it lacks dual camera and can not detect depth of all subjects.

If you try to use portrait mode in absence of people in the frame then you will just get an error message “No person detected”.

The really useful and handy Night Mode is not present in iPhone SE 2020. I kind of wish Apple had added Night mode to the SE. Because it’s definitely possible as the new SE has the latest chipset.    

The new iPhone SE 2020 comes with the same 7MP selfie camera as the 2 years old XR. The selfie camera is fine but not as good as the iPhone 11.


iPhone SE Camera For Videography:

If you are looking for an iPhone in your budget that can also capture awesome footage then there’s good news for you. And the all new iPhone SE 2020 camera will do the work for you.

 If your primary use for your iPhone is to capture videos then on first impression the all new iPhone SE camera looks as good as the iPhone 11. The $399 iPhone SE stands as the best value for money.

The iPhone SE 2020 Camera can shoot at 4K resolution and it uses smart HDR. Simply the Smart HDR is the Apple’s way of saying that the camera is capable of making all parts of the footage well exposed. The ability of iPhone SE camera to identify all the objects in the frame and make it well exposed is really amazing.

The optical image stabilisation system does really good in minimizing the bumps and shakes while recording handheld. It is capable of taking slow-mo footage at two different frame rates. They are at 120fps and 240fps which is not the slowest of all bit it definitely comes out really amazing.           

In conclusion the iPhone SE Camera 2020 trades versatility for reliability. There are alot of other phones in this price range with some really amazing sounding camera features. But as far as a camera with user friendly operating that we all can easily rely on and expect a good image or footage there’s no other $400 phone which is as good as this.

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