Is iPhone X Camera Still Worth In 2020 For Photography & Cinematography?

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iPhone X is a well appreciated device during its launch year but is the iPhone X Camera still worth buying for Photography and Cinematography in 2020.

The smartphone technology is improving in such a rapid speed that a newly released device can be outdated in just a month. Specially in the Camera department there have been a lot of changes in past few years.

Investing in a flagship device from 3 years back might be a good decision because the price drop is really heavy and it is much more affordable now and you will get flagship premium feel in a mid range budget.

But the real question is will the dual camera setup from 3 years compete with today’s technology including triple, quad and even penta camera setup? So, let’s get started with iPhone Photography Blog to learn more about it.


Apple iPhone X Camera

iPhone X Camera Specs



Dual camera setup for iphone x

iPhone X For Photography

iphone X is a highly appreciated device. Every bit of the phone was designed perfectly from hardware to software. But the thing that made everyone excite was the camera feature.

We get true depth camera both on the front as well as the back. The rare camera compartment was packed with two 12 MP camera of 28mm and 52mm. They are not a new thing to the audience but undoubtedly they were versatile and the quality and processing was amazing. iPhone X camera uses the 2nd rare camera for depth sensing and also as a telephoto lens that provides 2x optical zoom.

Talking  about the front camera setup there is also true depth sensing camera and the face id feature is just amazing. It also supports portrait mode and portrait lighting in the front facing mode.

There is not the support of night mode in iPhone x camera but the performance is surely improved from the past generation dual camera setup of iPhone 8 Plus.

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iPhone X For Videography

iPhone X camera is equally good for videography as well. If you are searching a phone for the videography or cinematography purpose then this might be the device for you.

You can find amazing specifications for video in the mid range devices of 2020 which seems far more ahead of iPhone X but the reality is those specs are limited just on paper. iPhone X camera stands ahead of many phones of 2020 in the real world at the end flagship remains flagship no matter even if 3 years older than its competitors.

The iPhone X camera can shoot at 4K resolution at 24/30/60 fps. You can get decent 4K slow motion while shooting as 60fps and it will definitely reduce camera shakes.

If you are willing for more slower footage then you can always shoot at 1080p which provides 30/60/120 and even 240fps. Which means you will get really smooth slow motion footages if you are shooting at 1080p.

Moving towards the front facing camera you can shoot 1080p at 30 fps.



In conclusion even if iPhone X is a technology from 3 years back this device trades versatility and reliability even in 2020. There might be a tough competition in the price range even after such price drop and others devices packed with the tech from 2020 leaves the iPhone from 2017 far behind. But if you are a camera geek and you are looking for a device with good camera performance and flagship feel to it then iPhone X is definitely the device for you.

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