Rain Photography: 5 Tips To Know Before Shooting In Rain Using iPhone

iPhone Rainfall Photography

Rain Photography is absolutely creative and exciting genre of photography. Rain can make anything look interesting no matter if it is product photography, street photography, macro or landscape photography.

Rain droplets add texture and reflection to your image whereas the gloomy weather provides you with proper lighting to capture beautiful images. 

And the vibe that a photographer gets while capturing photos in rain being wet is completely relaxing.

Capturing any kind of images during rain to enhance the look of the image using rain droplets is Rain Photography.

This genre can be added with other genre of photography such as street photography and landscape photography to make them more interesting and unique.

Is Rain photography possible with iPhone ?

Rainfall photography with iPhone

Rain Photography is undoubtedly possible to capture using your iPhone.

With the mix of hi-tech camera hardware and smooth and polished software, almost every genre of photography is possible using iPhone. In fact the iPhone 11 Pro is considered to be the best camera phone till now.

How to capture Rain Photography with iPhone?

The only thing that you should do to capture awesome rain photography is to head out while its raining but there are few things that you must consider for rain photography.

If your iPhone is not waterproof then you must be careful about not getting it wet. To find out if your iphone is waterproof or not check out the details about the Waterproof iPhones.

Some of other Tips, Tricks and Techniques about capturing amazing Rain Photography using your iPhone are listed below in detail. 

Use fast Shutter speed to freeze the moment

Water droplet photography

There is no exact shutter speed control in the stock iPhone camera app but this does not mean you can not do that.

You can use the burst mode available in the camera app to freeze the moment. This lets you to capture several images in seconds and you can choose the perfect images from several images.

For older generations of iPhone you can simply press and hold the shutter button for burst mode and for newer iPhones like iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 11 series, you can swipe left on the shutter button and hold.

Look for the Reflection

City reflection on water

You can find puddles filled with water when its raining and even after the rain.

You can use the water surface for creating great reflection of your subject. Try to find the spots with still water such as ditches or potholes filled with water. 

The city through the reflection will look great and it will be easier to get good lighting condition in the reflection than shooting directly. This works best for street or urban photography because nothing looks more beautiful than the crystal clear reflection of your city. 

Shoot through windows

Reflection on window during rainfall

The raindrops look amazing on the windows while its raining.

You can shoot through the raindrops on the window to create really interesting look. You should focus on the window rather than the background for achieving this look. you can focus on the window by simply tapping on the screen of your iPhone.

If there are some colourful light sources visible through the window then the results will be even more beautiful.

Look for the Rainbow

Rainbow photography with iPhone

Rainbow is another favourite subject for photographers whis is brought by the rain.

If it’s raining and the sun is coming out then you must look around to check for the rainbow. Rain photography complimented by a colourful rainbow can never go wrong. 

The rainbow will add beauty to you image and sometimes it also helps to fill up the negative space. 

Shoot people with umbrellas

umbrella Rainfall Photography

You will find plenty of people carrying umbrellas in a rainy day.

Umbrellas are great to add in your composition because most of them are colourful and it also provides a strong geometrical shape in the image.

Transparent umbrellas are really trendy these days and if you found one make sure to capture it in your frame as it gives unique look to your image and helps to illustrate the environment better. 

Make sure you check out How To Add Lens Flare In Your Photos Using iPhone to make it look more artestic and interesting.

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