Real Estate Photography: 5 Powerful Tips To Boost Up Your Skill With iPhone

Real estate photography with iphone

Real Estate Photography is a genre that includes interior and exterior photography of a property with the purpose of selling the property or renting it.

Real estate photography must show the actual features of the property such as the interiors, shadow, source of light and many more.

Is Real Estate Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, Real Estate Photography is 100% possible just using your iPhone.

iPhones these days are loaded with amazing camera sensor and various lenses which makes them perfect portable camera to shoot pictures. Recently added wide angle lens in the latest iPhones makes it absolutely perfect for this genre of Photography.

How to capture astonishing Real Estate Photography using iPhone?

Real Estate Photography might be tricky at the beginning but this genre of photography is very pleasing to shoot. You can also earn decent amount of money once you master you skill in shooting interiors and exteriors.

Since the buying and selling of houses is rapidly growing these days the demand of real estate photography is also highly increased. If your location is a major spot for real estate dealings then this can be the best career for you as a photographer.

This type of photography might seem easy and fun to shoot but you some acquire some important skills and ideas to take picture of properties.

Some of the basic requirements, skills and ideas for mastering your real estate photography skill are listed and describe below in details.

Arranging required gears along with your iPhone

Real estate photography is not so recommended just using your iPhone. Your iPhone is a great camera but it is not enough for the requirements of this genre of photography.

Some of the basic gears that are required for this genre of photography are listed below.

1. Tripod: Unless you are shooting in a perfectly illuminated house or an apartment, using a tripod is must while shooting real estate.
Using a tripod stabilizes the shot reducing motion blur. Using a tripod helps capturing sharp and shake free images. 

You can checkout Best Tripod For iPhone if you are willing to buy a new one and searching for the best tripod to compliment your iPhone camera

GripTight PRO Video GorillaPod Stand

2. External Flash/Light: It’s really important that your photo must be properly exposed while shooting real estate. If the rooms are properly lit up by window light then your iPhone flash will do the job.

But all the rooms are not always lit up by window light and the internal flash will also not be enough. In this case using a external flash is recommended.

Godax A1 Smartphone Flash will be the perfect one if you are looking for a flash to use with your iPhone.

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3. Remote Trigger: While doing long exposure photography using a tripod, the first thing that you avoid is camera shake. To eliminate camera shake you can use a remote trigger or an external shutter button.
You can use your earpods as the external shutter button.

To learn more about using earpods as external shutter button check out our previous article on iPhone Camera Tips & Tricks

External shutter remote

4. Light Stand: Light stand is simply a tripod for your light or external flash.

Light stand is an optional equipment as you can place it anywhere or simply ask to hold it if someone is near you.

Getting into properties for the shoot

It will be a bit harder for you to find the property on your own which is for sale. 

You should find and contact someone who is already into the real estate business. You should find a real estate agent who is in contact with the house owners and lets you to shoot photos.

You can also contact some real estate companies and ask them to shoot pictures for their company without any charges. This will be beneficial for both and you will get opportunity to develop your skill.

Real estate curve appeal

Analyzing the area and property before shooting

You should analyze the property and its surrounding before you start to shoot. Observing the style, features and details of the property will help you alot during the shoot.

You will get the idea about the things that should be focused and prioritized once you walk through everything in real estate photography.

You can also hide some of the items during this process that will affect negatively during the shoot in the closets. 

Get started with shooting

2 shots of each room of the property; Living room, Bed room, Kitchen

1 close up shot of the special items available in these rooms if any such as handcrafted framed mirror, ceiling art,etc.

1 shot of the bathroom unless it is incredibly beautiful or contains special features.

1 shot of each special areas such as laundry room, garage or store room.

2-3 wide angle shots of the property from the front revealing the entire house to show off the Curve appeal.

2-3 shots of the backyard  unless it is special or includes any special features.

The above mentioned points will made you clear about the ideas of must shoot real estate pictures. These are the shots that are minimum criteria while shooting real estate photography.

You can also share this with the agent or the real estate company so that it will be clear for them about the expectations from you.

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