3 Mind Blowing Tips For iPhone To Shoot Black And White Pictures Photography

Black and White pictures are a form of art and and B&W Photography is a genre of photography which consists of different tones of grey ranging from white to darkest shade of black.

Black and white pictures or simply B&W photography is also called Monochrome Photography. Black and white pictures can show different amount of light at its different parts but not different hue. 

Black and white photography is really appreciated since the beginning of photography itself.

Is B&W Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, there is no doubt in the possibility of shooting artistic black and white pictures with iPhone.

You can either capture black and white pictures directly from the stock camera app in your iPhone or you can make it monochrome in post processing using various photo editing apps.

Capture Black and White pictures with iPhone?

There are specially two major ways of B&W Photography using your iPhone.

Yow can make it look black and white white shooting using the filter in the stock iPhone Camera App or you can convert ir into black and white during the editing process using any of the photo editing Apps. 

B&W Photography with your stock iPhone Camera App

1. Lunch the stock camera app on your iPhone
2. Tap on the filter option at the top right corner of the              screen.
3. Find Mono option from the filter which lies at the 3rd            position in the filter list counting from right. 
4. Select the Mono filter which will make your picture black        and white.
5. Start Shooting Black and White Pictures.

Iphone camera black and white photography

B&W Photography with Photo Editing Apps on your iPhone

1. Get any of the Photo editing App that allows you to add        filter in your image or change the hue of the image. In          the example below we are using Lightroom.

2. Import the picture that you canted to convert into Black        and White.
3. Select the Profiles option at the 3rd position from the            bottom left of your screen.
4. Select the Monochrome option.
5. Your image is now converted to black and white form.


lightroom gif

There are few tips, techniques and some technical aspect about contrast and everything that plays vital role while shooting black and white pictures.

So some of the important things that must be considered while shooting B&W Photography is given below in detail.

How to capture Beautiful Black and White pictures with iPhone?

Focus on the Contrast

Since Black and White Photography is all about playing with the shades of grey you must focus on the contrast to make your subject stand out.

You must learn to create contrast in your composition during B&W Photography. 

For example, A plane wall will just be a bright background in the image but if you make a person stand in your composition then it will act as a silhouette in your image which will act as a dark spot and then your image and composition will be balanced.

Look for Shadows, Patterns and lines

black and white picture pattern

One of the most important technique while shooting black and white pictures is to make the viewers to follow the pattern and look for more patterns. 

So that your image could be pleasing to the eyes and your composition will look alot more professional.

As a photographer you should find these patterns or lines in any form of photography but specially in black and white photography because there are no colours to distract you.

Play with Brightness and contrast while editing your picture

While shooting black and white pictures you must enhance the difference between the brighter and darker part of the image so that your subject is clearly visible to the viewers.

You can enhance the contrasting differences in your images by tweaking brightness, clarity and contrast in post processing.

Decreasing the brightness and increasing the contrast will help you to create visible differences between the shadows and the brighter parts of the image.

You can also create underexposed looks by fading the shadows and reducing the contrast and grains can also be added while editing to give it authentic film like look.

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