Winter Photography: 5 Tips To Shoot In Cold Weather Using iPhone

Winter Photography with iPhone

Winter Photography is really enjoyable genre of photography because everything looks so neat and nice when it’s all covered with white snow.

Snow covered landscape, icy lakes and ponds, bare branches of trees are some of the major subjects to a photographer that makes his/her winter wonderful and productive. 

The surrounding around you changes completely during winter and provides you entire different perspective for capturing photos.

Winter Photography is a genre of photography where pictures are captured during winter season and generally has a bluish look in the images.

This genre mostly captures snow covered landscapes, forest with bare trees but you can be a lot more creative with this genre of photography.

Is Winter photography possible with iPhone ?

iPhone capturing snow winter photography

Yes, Winter Photography is absolutely possible just using your iPhone.

iPhones these days are loaded with amazing camera sensor and various lenses which makes them perfect portable camera to shoot pictures. Recently added wide angle lens in the latest iPhones makes it absolutely perfect for this genre of Photography.

How to capture Rain Photography with iPhone?

Winter Photography might be tricky at the beginning but this genre of photography is very pleasing to shoot because who does not like shooting in snow.

 If you are living in a region where there is plenty of snow during winter then there will be endless opportunities for you to photograph. Winter is not so easy to photograph because a lot of difficulties may arise to you physically as well as to your iPhone.

Some of the basic requirements, skills and ideas for mastering your winter photography skill are listed and describe below in details.

Be prepared to withstand the Cold

Winter Gloves

While shooting during winter the environment can get extreme depending on your location so you must be prepared well to withstand those difficulties. 

You must be prepared with warm clothes, boots and never forget about gloves. You hands and fingers are really vital to you as a photographer so a pair of good gloves are must while heading out for winter photography.

Keep your Device and Batteries warm

Charging an iPhone

Cold environment is one of the greatest enemy for battery operated electronic devices as the battery drains super fast in cold condition.

You must be sure that your iPhone is fully charged before heading out for winter photography. You must try to keep your device warm by putting it in the inside pocket of your jacket or by wrapping it in a warm cloth. 

If you have a power bank then it is recommended to carry it along with you so that you can shoot awesome pictures in winter without worrying about your battery percentage. 

Don't let the lens fog up

Fog in forest

Your camera lens usually fogs up during winter photography due to cold which can lead you ta a blurry image. 

Noone wants a blurry image because it completely ruins the feel of the photograph and it does not look good to eyes. So to avoid blurry images you should not let your camera lens to fog up and should wipe the lens time to time with a microfiber cloth.

Shoot During Sunrise or Sunset

Sunset in snow

During winters the sunlight becomes a lot more dramatic than usual especially in Golden Hours. Due to good lighting conditions it will be much easier to shoot during golden hour while doing winter photography.

 During Winter season the Sunrise will be late and the sunset sets early that means you should not sacrifice your sleep to capture the perfect winter photograph.

Watch your steps on Landscape

You should plan the composition of your shot before heading to a good spot to capture the photo. The snow covered landscapes are really beautiful and pleasing to eyes so you should leave it as intact as possible.

If you roam all around before capturing images then there will be alot of foot steps and paths on the snow that will be included on the frame and this may distract your viewers from the beauty of your photo. 

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