Sunset Photography: 5 Tips For Incredible Sunset Photography on iPhone

Sunset Photography can never be a bad decision because Sunsets are the proof that ending can be beautiful too.

Sunset is one of the best time period of a day as everything is perfect during this period. Nothing can be more pleasing and relaxing than watching the sun going down and disappearing.

Sunset photography is highly appreciated and loved by everyone because the lighting is perfect during sunset which helps in capturing the best looking images.

Sunset photography is a well known genre of Photography in which sunset is captured during golden hour at the evening.

Is is one of the best way to stand out showing your landscape photography skills. 

Is Sunset photography possible with iPhone ?

Yes, Shadow Photography 100% possible with just using your iPhone.

The iPhone is standing in one of the leading position when its about capturing photos using mobile phones. Because of its hi-tech camera hardware and highly polished software you can capture awesome sunset photos. 

How to capture Sunset Photography with iPhone?

Timing is the most important factor when it comes to sunset photography. The timing of the sunset will decide whether your picture is beautiful or extraordinary.

 Sunset Photography is highly influenced by the location, timing, weather and most important are your skills. But there are few tips and techniques that will surely make your work a lot more easier and polished while capturing sunsets.

Some of them are listed below in detail.

Find the best location

Location and the surrounding plays an important role when it comes to  capturing sunsets.

Sunsets look great from higher spots. Hill top or the roof terrace of any tall building will be a good location while capturing a sun. The view of sun disappearing behind the hill or mountain looks astonishing from a higher spot. 

The view of sun slowly melting into the water also looks equally beautiful so shooting from a beach or a riverside can never go wrong in sunset photography.

Look for the clouds

Sun and clouds iPhone Photography

Clouds add more to the beauty of sunset. Sunset can cot be perfect without clouds. Clouds help in adding texture to the sunset and it also enhances the colour of the sunlight. 

But clouds are not always good wile capturing sunset. Dark rain clouds will block the sun and the whole effort of capturing sun will be wasted. There must be wispy and scattered clouds like feather in the sky for your image to look good. 

Don't miss your tripod

iPhone on a tripod

The picture will be completely ruined if it is shakey or blurry. You can avoid the shake and capture sharp images by using a tripod while capturing sunset. 

Placing your iPhone in an tripod and setting a timer to capture images will provide you with sharp and high quality images. 

You can checkout Best Tripod For iPhone if you are willing to buy a new one and searching for the best tripod to compliment your iPhone camera.

Add subject in the foreground

Adding subjects in the foreground during the sunset makes the shot more interesting. The subject will act as a silhouette in the foreground. 

But you must assure that the subject in the foreground is not too distractive. There is no point in distracting viewers from the sunset so the foreground must be something that adds to your composition and makes the picture more interesting. 

Reach early and leave late

After sunset photo

You must reach early for sunset photography because you will get time to analyse the area properly and you will get time to plan for the perfect shot. 

The light levels changes drastically after the sunset and create magical settings after the sun is set. You will get about 5 minutes of time period after the sun is set and you will get an image with perfect soft lighting as your reward for staying longer.

If you are looking really forward for sunset photography and if you are highly focused on being a sunset photographer then you must give PhotoPills a try.

Photopills is an app for your smartphone that can predetermine the lighting conditions and the movements of sun which will help you in planning your shoot properly

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