Fashion Photography: 5 Tips For Amazing Photography With iPhone

Fashion photography with iPhone

Fashion Photography is everywhere these days; from e-commerce sites to your instagram feed. You can’t unsee a post related to fashion photography if you are on social medias.

You can find a lot of people in the internet dressed up properly showcasing their clothing, foot wares or accessories  who look really amazing in photos.

The same idea of making people and the items related to fashion look amazing on camera and your screen is Fashion Photography.

Fashion Photography is the genre of photography whose main concern is to display clothes and other fashion items beautifully.

It is generally done either for fashion magazines such as Vogue or with the commercial intention for advertising fashion products.

iphone Photography fashion shoot

Is Fashion Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, Fashion photography is surely possible with iPhone. 

Normally no one will think about iPhone in the field of fashion photography but with one of the best smartphone featured in these devices you can surely amaze everyone with the pictures taken from your iPhone.

How to capture Fashion Photography with iPhone?

Fashion photography is with no doubt the most exciting genre but there are a lot of factors and things to play with that determine the quality and level of your photography.

You must have a model or some of your friends who will pose for the picture as fashion photography is not possible by doing all by ownself. So, the model and the photographer both should be comfortable with each other.

The environment and the theme also plays vital role during fashion shoot. Your clothes or any fashion item that you are featuring in your image must match with the environment of the image.

Some of the best ideas that one must learn before getting started with fashion shot using iPhone is discussed below.

Head out to the location

business women opening door

You must find a proper location for the shoot in the field of fashion because the environment plays a vital role to express the features and the usability of the fashion items perfectly.

Architectures around the city are one of the best location for fashion photography because they are less distracting and will cope up properly with the clothes or any other accessories.

But the location might differ with the items that you are going to feature. As an example, if you are shooting for beach wears then your location must be a beach.

Build up a Theme for fashion photography

Theme for Photography

It is important to play around a certain theme while doing fashion photography. You can collect the images from pinterest and instagram like which you want your shoot to be similar with as there is a lot to learn from internet.

This process will help for better visualization of the final result that you are expecting from the shoot and you can also share this with your model for delivering your exact idea to them.

Get a Model for the shoot and Communicate

Happy expression of model for photography

The first thing that you need for fashion photography is a model who will pose for the image and do proper justice to the fashion item. If you are shooting professionally then you can hire a model or you can simply ask any of your friends who are comfortable with camera.

You as a photographer must have proper communication with the model and you should inform them about the theme or the vibe that you are expecting in the images. 

If you communicate properly then they can realize your concept clearly and will be able to give you the perfect expression according to the mood.

Play with the lighting for Fashion photography

Fashion shoot during golden hour

An iPhone’s camera sensor will be smaller than DSLRs or other professional cameras so your iPhone will require proper amount of light to capture good images.

 Low light will create grainy images wich won’t be seen properly in the phone but it will definitely be seen in any larger devices.

For proper fashion photography it is recommended to shoot early in the morning or at the evening. This period of time id referred as Golden Hour for photography because at this time sun will be bright enough to provide crisp image and also won’t be too harsh.

Experiment with Camera angles and composition

Low angle portrait

You should be highly conscious about your composition whenever you are doing fashion photography especially while taking fashion portraits.

Since your iPhone allows you to turn on grids to compose your shots according to rule of thirds, this composition stands as the best for fashion photography.

And it is also recommended that you try different camera angles. Shots from eye level are good but they are not so interesting. If you try either low angle or high angle shots then the image will definitely be amazing and look more creative and professional.

You can try shooting from various angles according to the look that you wanted to achieve from the shot and the end result will be awesome.


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