5 Tips For Capturing Awesome Aesthetic Pictures With iPhone

Aesthetic simply means concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.

Aesthetic pictures mean those photos which appeals to the eye and please our mind. There is something about the composition, color and the subject of these photos that you want to sit and just observe it.


Is Aesthetic Photography complete different genre of photography?

No, aesthetic photography is not a genre of photography in fact it is not about photography but is about the photos.

Photos from any genre of photography can be a Aesthetic picture.

Why are Aesthetic Pictures being popular these days?

No, aesthetic photography is not a genre of photography. In fact it is not about photography but is about the photos.

Photos from any genre of photography can be a Aesthetic picture.

Can you capture Aesthetic Pictures using iPhone?

Yes, you can absolutely capture aesthetic pictures using your iPhone.

Aesthetic pictures are not about expensive gears and heavy equipments. It’s all about hitting at the right spot. If you know well about photography. And what you want to capture then the gears do not matter.

How can we capture Aesthetic Pictures using iPhone?

Aesthetic Photography can not  be mastered just by following the rules of photography. And practising the same stuff again and again. Aesthetic pictures are those which are captured with such a unique vision generally known as “Out Of The Box”.

Aesthetically pleasing pictures can be something that is enough to blow your mind. Also something that we call common or usual but presented unusually.

But to think out of the box you must know what lies inside the box. And there will always be some rules and ideas. You should follow them even if you want to shoot something extraordinary and aesthetically pleasing.

So, some of the tips and techniques to capture Aesthetic Pictures are discussed below.

1. Rule of Thirds are never out of fashion for Aesthetic pictures

Flower image with grid

Rule of Thirds is one of the golden rule for composition of Aesthetic pictures.

It of two horizontal and two vertical lines. These lines divide your images into three areas. The subject of the image is place slightly off-center for creating aesthetic looks. The composition provides  four intersections to place our subject.

Place your subject in one of these intersections and horizons parallel to the parallel lines. It helps to show the most out of our subject and achieve the aesthetic looks. 

You can easily turn on Grid lines in your iPhone from Settings>Photos & Camera

2. Use Leading Lines to capture Aesthetic Pictures

leading line photography

Leading lines are one of the most talked compositional tool of photography. Depending just upon the leading lines for composition of picture is not highly recommended. But it helps most of the time for achieving the Aesthetically pleasing pictures.

The leading lines work perfectly in attracting viewers attention and transporting it towards your main subject or just the scene.

Some of the most commonly used leading lines in Photography are shadows, rays of light, train tracks and pathways.

3. Play with colours for pleasing Aesthetic Pictures

Isolated kiwi from background

Colours play really vital role in creating the aesthetic feel in your picture. Normally Aesthetic pictures are the ones in which a single colour is highly focused.

Isolating a single subject from the entire background creating awesome contrast always work perfectly while capturing aesthetic pictures. You must try to focus on a single or two colours while capturing these pictures.

Playing with colours help pleasing the viewer and create aesthetic picture. 

4. Use Rule of Odds for composition

Example of rule of odds

The above example is the perfect example of Rule of Odds as it consists of 3 bulbs making a triangular composition.

Rule of Odds is not only about 3 objects making a triangle. Not only three objects create pleasant feel to the eye. But 5 or even 7 major point of subject in your composition creates aesthetic pictures.

The Rule of Odds impacts our psychology as even objects or pairs are easily recognizable to our mind. But in case of odds, identifying the objects will be an interesting task to our brain. And the picture automatically becomes aesthetically pleasing.   

5. Gestalt Theory Principles

Aesthetic picture of flower and notebook

Gestalt Theory is used by psychologists to understand human brain. The same theory and technique is really helpful in photography as well. It helps in improving framing and storytelling skill and capture aesthetic pictures.

The Gestalt Theory is often use to create aesthetically pleasing pictures. Because it includes about proximity, closure and segregation.These all components emphasize the importance of the placement of subject in specific position. So that the mind can process properly about what it is looking at.

Principle of proximity states, if we place the subject close to each other then they look familial. This idea is use in photography for creating relationship between two models or subjects in your photograph


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