Flower Photography: 5 Simple But Important Tips to master your skill

Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations of nature which makes them the most photographed objects. Flower Photography is one of the sub category of Nature photography.

Flower are one of the best subjects for photography because they are aesthetically pleasing. And they lit up the entire frame with beauty. Flower Photography is comparatively easy to learn since we are surrounded by a lot of wide range flowers having different shapes, colours and sizes. And it also requires less photography gears and equipments in comparison with other genre of photography.

Flower Photography is the sub category of Nature Photography which is concerned with capturing beautiful pictures of flowers of different shape, size and colours either indoor or outdoor.

Flower Photography is one of the favourite genre of photographers without any doubt. Because flowers are such a beautiful gift of nature to us. Flower photography can never go wrong because they are always pleasing to eyes.   

Is Flower Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, Flower Photography is absolutely possible with your iPhone.

iPhones these days are packed with such high tech camera sensor and lens which makes them perfect portable camera to shoot really beautiful pictures. In the end photography is all about skill and perspective rather than expensive gears.

How can we capture awesome Flower photographs with iPhone?

Flower photography is always awesome because you can head out in your neighbourhood with your iphone and return home with some really colourful and beautiful flower pictures. And with these awesome pictures you can boost your social media or portfolio. And undoubtedly everyone will be appreciating these photos.

Photography is all about your own way of framing and representing subjects. There are some tips and ideas which will help you to improve your skill of flower photography.

So, some of the simple but really important tips to master your skill in Flower Photography is discussed below.


1.Head out with your iPhone for Flower Photography in overcast days

Pink Flower in bright day

Flower Photography is generally for spring and not every spring days are perfect for capturing photos outdoor Days with white sky and mild sunlight is really good for capturing flowers.

If you plan to shoot during afternoon then the sunlight might be harsh and your image will be over exposed. You can use a reflector, white paper or any other object that can reflect light in order to balance the harsh sunlight.

Late morning or early evening will be really good for capturing flower photography as the lighting condition is suitable.


2.Shoot through another flower in foreground

flower photography with foreground

Focusing through another flower is a great technique of capturing beautiful flowers. Any object such as a flower petal or leaf in the foreground will give your image an unique look.

The lens of your iPhone has a minimum focusing distance and if you place any object very close to lens then it will appear as a blur of colour which will help you to balance your frame.

This image provides more abstract look to your images.

3. Find a clean background or create yourself

Flower photography with background

In flower Photography you should try to make your subject stand out by maintaining a blur or clean background. For blurry background you can place your iPhone far from the background or you can also use portrait mode if you are using the new lineup of iPhone with depth sensing camera.

If the background is too much disturbing then you can create a clean background by yourself. You can place a clean backdrop. Normally a black backdrop compliments the beauty and colour of every flower.

Using a clean background in your image will help viewers to direct their attention towards the main subject easily.

4. Rain always compliments Flower Photography

After rain flower always looks awesome for photography. The water droplets after rain will sparkle while capturing photos with flash on. The water droplets will reflect light and create unique look in your images.

The lighting will also be soft and pleasing  after rain because of the clouds.  This will help you to create properly exposed photos.

The rain will wipe away all the dirts from flower and leaves which makes subjects a lot more cleaner. This helps in in capturing aesthetically pleasing photos.


5. Get closer using macro lens

Macro Flower photography

If you own a macro lens for your iPhone make sure you carry when you went out. The small details contained in flowers are really beautiful. We are generally not used to see flowers from so close. And once we change the point of view in our photos, it will automatically be beautiful.

While using macro lens make sure you turn your flash to auto mode. Because it won’t be properly exposed for such a small point on the flower.

If you don’t have a macro lens make sure you check out Moment Macro Lens for iPhone. You will undoubtedly love this external accessory to step up your photography skills.

Make sure you check out Camera Tips and Tricks for iPhone to learn further about iPhone camera and tricks to get the best mileage just using the stock Camera App.  

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