Nature Photography With iPhone : 7 Amazing Tips And Tricks

Nature Photography Landscape

Nature Photography is the best way possible to reach really close to the nature and explore some of the amazing creatures gifted to us.

Nature Photography is one of the most loved genre of photography and it is not because it’s easy to shoot natural components. It is because a photographer can enjoy every second being around the nature.

None of the photographer thinks twice to went out with his/her gear for nature photography.


Nature Photography is a genre of photography that consists of shooting plants, animals or any other components of the nature at their original environment.

It is a wide genre of photography as it contains several other types such as Flower Photography, Forest Photography and many more. 

Is Nature Photography possible with iPhone?

Yes, Nature Photography is absolutely possible with your iPhone.

iPhones these days are packed with such high tech camera sensor and lens which makes them perfect portable camera to shoot really beautiful nature pictures. In the end photography is all about skill and perspective rather than expensive gears.

How can you capture perfect Nature Photography shots with iPhone?

Nature Photography is always interesting to shoot because the components of nature are lying all around us which are just waiting to be explored and shot. You can shoot flowers in your neighbourhood, head out to a nearest forest or park or you can simply capture beautiful pictures of your pet.

Nature Photography is about your own unique way of showing the components and creatures of nature around you to the whole world.

Nature Photography is really easy to capture but there are some tips and techniques that can be followed to master your skill of Nature Photography.

Head out to the location

Nature Photography Forest

You can never improve your skills just lying in your home and thinking about photography. You must step out of your house and find a nearest location to practise nature photography.

You can find a park or a garden but if possible find a nearest forest because there are no other locations as good as a forest to get such close to nature. A forest consists of trees, flowers, birds and animals so there will always enough subjects to capture.

If you are not able to find any of such locations then you can simply roam around your neighbourhood and capture some amazing flowers, birds or anything that seems interesting to capture. 

Use the Portrait Mode in your iPhone

Nature Photography generally contains plants, birds, animals or flowers as your subject. So, separating your subject from the background looks really awesome.

To separate and isolate your subject from the background you can use the Portrait mode in the stock camera app of your iPhone.

To get proper depth of field(Background Blur) you should maintain some distance between the background and the subject.

Turn on the HDR Settings in your iPhone for Nature Photography

Getting the perfect exposure is really important during Nature Photography. One you have found proper lighting and set your frame. You and adjust the exposure automatically or manually by tapping the screen on your camera app and playing with the slider. 

But it is not possible to get everything properly exposed in your entire frame. If you want every element in the frame properly exposed you can use the HDR in the stock App of your iPhone.

 HDR mode lets the camera to shoot more dynamic range in the shadows as well as light by capturing several pictures and stitching them together.

HDR mode is really helpful while you are shooting a dark subject under the bright overexposed sky during day light.

Shoot during the Golden Hour

The best time to shoot any kind of Nature Photography is in the hour following the sunrise and the hour before sunset. This precious moment of time is called golden hour when the light is most beautiful.

During the golden hour the light will be perfect as it is not too harsh or too dark. The light will fall from the front or back of the subject which gives beautiful look to your picture.

You will find golden rays of light travelling through the foreground or the background that gives beautiful backlit images and creates perfect contract between properly light up areas and dark shadows

Use Burst mode and Crop your images

While exploring a forest, a garden or a park you will find a lot of plants and animals. It is comparatively easier to shoot plants because they do not try to escape from you.

But while capturing birds, animals or insects they will not sit still and if you try to get too close then they will escape from you.You can use the burst mode in your iple to capture moving subjects such as birds to capture them in higher frame rate.

And feel free to crop your image while editing because your subject will not be close enough to get proper focus and attention. But don”t be too harsh while cropping. Crop your pictures only upto that limit where the quality is not hampered.

Always be conscious about your surrounding and the environment and make sure that you leave the area as you found it.Try not to disturb the components of location and never break off any branches or twigs even though they are disturbing your composition.A landscape photographer must be aware about every step and should be an ethical visitor to every location.

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